If you are implementing SEO for your website, it doesn’t do much unless you select the right keywords for your link building campaign. There are 7 important stages in selecting ones in terms of SEO & ROI.Important stages in selecting ones in terms of SEO ROI

1. Who Is Your Targeted Audience?

 Who are your potential customers? What words are they most likely going to use to find your products or services on Google? Write down the top 10-20 key phrases that best describe your services or products. There should be a few words here — not just “lawyer,” but “San Diego divorce lawyer.”

2. Where Is The Most Traffic?

Create a list of words with the help of SEMrush tool. Then insert your list into the Google Keyword Planner to find the most searched keywords. Use the synonyms feature to get more ideas. If there is a lot of traffic (in thousands), focus on the exact match only. If there is not, then look at the phrase matches. Having analyzed the whole bulk you will be able to define the most popular search queries and choose them for optimizing your site content. Rank the analyzed words and phrases in the hierarchy of traffic, export them into an excel spreadsheet and highlight the ones you would like to rank for.

Let’s face it: mastering content marketing can be tough. All too often, brands aren’t sure who to follow or what to emulate.5 Marketing Tips From 5 Major Brands

There seem to be dozens of examples of great content marketing out there, but it can be impossible to determine which brands are actually dominating the field and which are just putting on a good show. Luckily, some brands shine through just a little brighter than others.

By taking some lessons from these brands, you can start to master the universal best practices of content marketing, regardless of who your company is or who you serve.

5 Content Marketing Tips From World-Class Brands

When it comes to content marketing, you can learn a lot by following in a successful brand’s footsteps. If you’re new to the industry, these brands will help you learn where to start and what to avoid.

Even if you’re a seasoned content marketer, you can pick up new tips and tricks from watching how some of the best brands out there do it.

Here are five tricks some of the top companies are using today:

1. Provide Value Every Step of the Way

Today, the thing at the center of all great content marketing is value. If it doesn’t matter, people aren’t going to flock to it. And if people don’t flock to it, your content is never going to get anywhere. As such, providing value is one of the most important things you can master for your brand.

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